In communities across the country, young girls experience various issues influenced by factors connected to their community conditions. These factors limit access to the resources and support services available to girls and young women to live independent, stable lives.

Here at Regency Insurance Group, we want to ensure equality for all individuals in our community. For the next three months, we are joining Pace Center for Girls to provide girls and young women an opportunity for a better future through education, counseling, training, and advocacy.

Pace Center for Girls is a nonprofit organization that celebrates each girls’ strength and challenges. They focus on and trust the girl’s unique abilities and positive attributes to help her achieve her goals. 

For 35 years, Pace has been helping young women find their voice in the world. Since its inception, this noble organization has served over 40,000 throughout 22 locations. 

Wondering how you can help young women in your community? Consider contributing your money or time to this noble organization. With the proper support, every girl has the ability to thrive.

At our agency, we make it our mission to support our community in various ways through our cause campaigns. We will donate $10 on your behalf to our current Community Cause campaign for every person you recommend to us. And yes, that is for EACH friend that you send us. How many do you have? Do the math! Just give us a name and join our cause today! 

To Make a Donation Directly CLICK HERE