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Are you trying to find the best deal on Texas or Florida home insurance?

Do you know what coverages you even need?

Are you busy, overwhelmed with insurance quotes, and frustrated with indecision?

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I’m Kagen Cooksley and I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been there. Buying home insurance to me was as much fun as filing my income tax. I found myself getting frustrated because the insurance market seemed so complicated and I didn’t know how to navigate it. I’d go online and put in my information but couldn’t get instant rates anywhere and I’d wind up having to talk to someone. I didn’t know who I could trust, how much coverage I needed, etc. Plus, I was busy. I didn’t have time for all the headaches!

I just wanted to get a quote and not be pinned down by a high-pressure, commissioned, annoying salesperson. If I gave him my information, I figured I would get spammed to death and stalked for months. And then of course, there were agents that I could never get a hold of or who would flat out refuse to help me cancel my policy! Trust me, I feel your pain. Luckily you are not alone out there.

It wasn’t until I got into the insurance industry, that I learned how the process of getting a quote works and it wasn’t quite so complicated and frustrating anymore. Yet I still remembered what it was like before becoming an agent. So when my partner and I opened Regency Insurance Group, I knew exactly what I wanted (and I’m willing to bet it’s what you want too).

A free, online quote portal where potential customers could enter information about their property and select coverages and deductibles. To be completely honest, we will still have to call you to follow-up.

Should customers prefer to call us instead, I wanted a real live person with real experience to answer the phone and all your questions, and provide you with the least expensive quote possible based on your needs.

A team that will place you with a stable company who actually pays claims, and has all the coverages you want on one quick phone call.

Insurance agents that don’t work off commission, but are motivated to help others save money and time. I don’t like hard-selling.

No spamming or stalking. If you want to do business with us, that’s great! If not, that’s okay too. We’re not for everyone…although we try very hard. 🙂

If you like what you’ve read so far, congratulations! You are our ideal customer!

We have created an expert team of insurance professionals who are ready to answer all of your questions.

We work with thirty homeowner’s insurance carriers that specialize in writing coverage in this state. Why so many? Because having multiple carriers gives you multiple options. They include:

Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with some of the insurance carriers listed above. We only work with the top, A-Rated carriers that have a proven track record of financial stability. In fact, many of these carriers are publicly traded and multi-regional!

We’ll conduct a quick survey of what you are looking to protect and eliminate the coverages you don’t want and are tired of paying for.

Once you are on board we take the wheel and make your life easier. We use technology and send documents electronically so signing all the paperwork is a breeze. Most times your insurance policy will be ready the same day. We’ll help you cancel your old policy. We’ll call your bank to update them and get the payment from them when needed. The best part of working with us is that you’ll have a dedicated Account Executive to answer your “what-if” questions, make changes, and ensure you’re completely satisfied.

If you’re ready for a no-hassle quote, please click here or select from one of the cities below.

We provide home insurance in Florida & Texas

Frequently Asked Questions
If you’d like to learn more, you’ve come to the right place because we believe in empowering you to make the best educated decision you can before buying. Below are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. We even go a bit further by dispelling some of the most common Florida home insurance myths.

Why do I need homeowner’s insurance in Florida?
Florida State law does not require homeowner’s insurance. However, if you have a mortgage on your house, your lender will require you to carry insurance. That’s because you’re not the only one who has an interest in your home; they do too! If there is loss or damage due to fire, lightning, etc, they want to be able to recoup their losses. Even if you don’t have a mortgage, it’s still a wise choice to protect one of your largest (and most important) investments, your home. Florida is the lightning capital of the United States, especially central Florida from Tampa to Orlando (also known as Lightning Valley) where there are as many as 50 strikes per 1 square mile per year, according to the Weather Network. I don’t think I have to remind you of our state’s susceptibility to hurricanes either. Hurricanes Andrew in ‘92, Charley, Frances & Ivan in ’04, and Wilma in ’05 remind us of the ever-present danger to our homes and families. So, it’s not really a matter of if you’ll need FL home insurance. It’s a matter of when.

Do I need as much coverage on my house if I plan to rent it?
In comparison to your primary residence or vacation home, you do not have to have as much coverage on a rental property if you don’t want to. Seasonal homes and rental homes will typically have less personal effects then your primary as most tenants will plan on bringing their own furniture and your primary personal effects will be at your main residence. You may want to encourage your tenant to purchase renter’s insurance to protect their belongings in case of a catastrophe.

Is it true that my credit score can positively or negatively affect my premium?
Yes, an increasing number of home insurance carriers use a version of your credit report via a soft inquiry (an inquiry that won’t affect your credit score) and will assign an insurance score based on the data that is returned.

Busting myths
New roofs don’t lower premiums.
False. New roofs could bring in huge discounts!

Having a claim will mean higher premiums.
False. The majority of insurance carriers don’t charge extra for having a claim. They look for patterns or trends with claims (e.g. three claims all from one leaky pipe that you haven’t fixed yet)

The type of roof covering will change my rate.
False. Company’s don’t prefer one covering over the other. They are more interested in the date of installation.

All companies will have the same price for my home.
False. Each company offers a unique rate profile and will discount the home more or less depending on their desire to write homes like yours.

I have to pay my entire year home insurance premium at one time.
False. If you are one of the lucky ones that does not have a mortgage or an escrow account, many carriers take credit cards and allow for monthly, quarterly, or semiannual billing.

The shape of my roof will not affect my premium.
False insurance carriers will give up to 20% discounts for having a hip shaped roof.

The liability and medical coverages on my plan cover me and my injuries.
False. They are there to protect nonresident guests who may have been injured on your property.

The market value of my home has dropped so I should lower my insurance.
False. Market values go up and down. But replacement costs of dwelling stay relatively consistent. They are configured on the cost it would take a builder to recreate your residence all over again.

Having a terrible credit score will not affect my rates.
False. An increasing number of insurance carriers are weighing-in on personal insurance scores which can now be tied to premiums.

I told them I wanted full coverage so I know I am in good shape.
False. The reality of the term “Full Coverage” is that it simply does not exist. That phrase is based on a personal opinion of covering the key components of a policy. Some clients may be ok with 100K liability while the next person may need 1 million to feel comfortable about his/her insurance plan. They both will include some liability. So which is full coverage? Best practice would be to know the limits you need to properly protect your family and avoid that term.

Pool cage coverage is automatically included in my policy.
False. Many insurance companies exclude this for hurricane damage and will offer it back as an endorsement or add-on to your policy.

Now that you’re armed with knowledge, call us at (877) 427-5243 or get a Florida home owner’s insurance quote online.