Meet Our Team

Kagen Cooksley
Co-Founder & Director of Initiative

A native Floridian, Kagen Cooksley was born and raised in Fort Myers, FL. Kagen credits his parents for instilling in him the values of hard work and perseverance. Kagen attended Florida Gulf Coast University, where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Resort and Hospitality Management.

During his time at FGCU, Kagen was employed by several world-class hotels. He learned how they develop their employees’ people skills to provide top-notch customer service. Realizing the value of these skills, a large captive insurance agent recruited Kagen. During the five years he worked there, Kagen was shown and taught what it takes to become a world-class insurance agent.

While the experience was fruitful, Kagen and another business associate at the firm, Kevin Koelemeyer, decided to take their careers to the next level. They created Regency Insurance Group, an independent insurance agency that focuses on meeting the needs of families. Kagen enjoys the business even more as an independent agent. He loves building relationships with his customers and is truly grateful for each and every one of them.

Kagen is happily married to his lovely wife Allison, his best friend and biggest supporter. Kagen enjoys spending time with his son Carter and 2 dogs Rusty and Miley. In his spare time, Kagen enjoys aviation and outdoor activities with his family.

Kevin Koelemeyer
Co-Founder & Chief Motivation Officer

Kevin Koelemeyer is originally from Buffalo, New York, and he is a proud Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan.

Kevin graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management along with a Master’s in business administration from Warner University. Kevin comes from a loving family that emphasizes the value of hard work. He paid his own way through college by working at multiple golf courses in southwest Florida. This valuable experience taught Kevin the importance of building relationships and serving customers with a happy heart.  He continues using these lessons today, as they are the founding principles of Regency Insurance Group.

During his senior year at Florida Gulf Coast University, Kevin worked for one of the largest captive insurance agencies in the country. Over the course of his six years, Kevin met terrific people, learned important lessons, and built lasting relationships and friendships. However, he found out that he wanted to be able to present his customers with more options. Finding that they were on the same wavelength, Kevin and his colleague Kagen Cooksley decided to create and launch their own independent agency, Regency Insurance Group. Kevin is very grateful for the trust his clients have placed in him and Kagen, as well as the growing team at Regency.

Kevin prides himself on being able to provide his clients with the highest excellence in customer service. In addition to helping clients protect their assets and themselves, Kevin helps them plan for their future and takes an interest in the lives of his clients.

Laura Boley
Chief Happiness Officer

Laura is the Chief Happiness Officer at Regency and is excellent at her position. Laura ensures that everyone’s working hard, but also having fun while working!

Laura grew up in Fort Myers and graduated from Riverdale High School. She’s been actively involved within her community and as such entered a role where she would be doing exactly that.

She loves to solve problems and work on helping the agency grow to the next level.

When she’s not at the office you can find her with family. She loves spending time with her nieces and nephews and cares deeply for them. In addition to spending her time with family, she also likes some alone time to binge on her favorite TV-series.

Alexis Dodge
Home Insurance Specialist

Alexis started her career at Regency Insurance and has found her lifetime home. She loves learning and continues to grow her knowledge within this industry.

Alexis prides herself on making sure people have the right coverage for all their needs. In addition to helping them select the right policy she also loves to help her clients prepare for their future endeavors and ensure they begin with the right foot forward.

When she’s not at the office she loves to go out with her friends and family. Most of the time they visit the beach, the park, or go kayaking. In addition to spending her weekends by the water, she loves being with her nephew.

Alicia Henry
Home Insurance Specialist

Alicia has been in the insurance industry for quite some time. She realized early on she wanted to work in a sector that focused on client services and insurance has become that sector for her. She loves meeting with clients and always gives them the best possible service to protect their most valuable assets. In addition to working for her clients, she also loves building a relationship with her clients. Knowing that her clients can depend on her for their needs makes her feel great.

When she’s not at the office she can be found at the dirt bike track or relaxing by the pool with a good read, preferably Jackie Collins.

Eric Hollander
Home Insurance Specialist

Eric has over 13 years of experience in the insurance industry and continues to love his work more by the day. Eric knew early on he wanted to be in the financial industry. Eric graduated with a degree in economics and a double minor in both math and history. He then went on to get his masters in business administration.

Eric most enjoys his work because he has the ability to help others attain their goals and make a meaningful impact on their lives.

When he’s not working you can find him with his family watching a movie, throwing the frisbee, or playing games with his children. In addition to spending time with his family, Eric also spends a lot of time at his local church, either volunteering or operating the lights and handling the production.

Casey Long
Director of Client Satisfaction

Casey started his insurance career at Regency and is proud of his decision. He has learned a lot during his time at Regency and continues his search for knowledge daily. Casey loves being able to help his clients overcome their difficulties and problem. Knowing that he has the power to do something and change their situation is a good feeling to him and he aims to help!

Casey grew up in Mount Pleasant Michigan so community means a lot to him. Helping the people around him is something he’s always done and now he gets to do it in his line of work also.

Outside of work, Casey loves to visit the beach with his girlfriend. Casey is also a huge Detroit Lions fan.

P.s Casey spent a few years traveling with a band when he was younger and didn’t have to stress about life. Rock n Roll baby!

Irene Gestrich
Auto Insurance Specialist

Irene has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry and she grows to love her job by the day. Irene loves working with clients and educating them on what their insurance policy really means. Educating her clients about their purchases and decisions helps them feel safe about their future, and makes her feel happy to be a part of that.

Anthony Barrantes
Home Insurance specialist

Anthony has been in the insurance industry for over 3 years and loves his work more with each passing day.

Anthony was born in San Jose, Costa Rica and moved to the Fort Myers area as a child. Since then he’s known that his true passion lies in helping his community and neighbors. Working within this industry he has the ability to do just that.

Anthony loves that he’s able to generate customer happiness and help his clients gain satisfaction. Knowing that his clients understand their policies and how they will benefit them is the icing on the cake for him.

When he’s not at the office he’s sending time with his family and friends. In addition to spending time with family Anthony also loves to travel. If he’s not out of the state or country then he’s most likely with friends watching soccer games! Anthony also wants to become a DJ and loves music.

In addition to helping his community he also gives back outside of work, he spends time with young children teaching them about sports and helping them learn and play.

Amanda Austin
Home Insurance Specialist.

I grew up in Michigan and I have been working in the insurance industry for over a year now, I love to “WOW” my customer’s in every interaction and transaction, big or small, I try to exceed my customer’s expectations!

Building a relationship with my customers is what excites me most about my role.

I love riding my motorcycle, and staying fit, my family is number 1#. One of my favorite ways to spend the weekend is at the beach!

Melanie Monroe
VP of Organizational Development

I grew up here in South FL! I am a second-generation graduate of Cypress Lake High.

I am a licensed agent with 6 years of experience! I enjoy learning more from this industry every chance I get. Problem-solving and helping clients take the most difficult situations and change them from stressful to manageable, is what I enjoy most about my job.

I have a second passion for skincare and makeup, and anything related to self-care. From painting faces for Halloween at the office to a good monthly facial, I love it all.

When I am not working, you can find me either in my garden or out with my friends and family. Every year, I get to use my passion to bring joy to the girls at the PACE Center for Girls. Through this program, Makeup & Hairstylist get together and provide their services to underprivileged girls, for their senior prom. I apply makeup to the seniors, and it fills their hearts for a night of fun.

Victoria Echols
New Business Sales Coordinator

I grew up moving around a lot due to my father being in the Military. I spent most of my life in Virginia and Maryland before ending up in Florida.

I joined the Regency family in 2018 and fell in love with the company ever since! Regency is the first insurance agency I have had the pleasure to work with but am no stranger to the insurance world due to previously working in the disaster restoration business. I appreciate being able to build relationships with our clients, as well as help them better understand the industry.

I pride myself on being an artistic person. My passion is in drawing and photography, whether it’s creating my own or admiring others. Outside of work, I spend most of my time with my fur babies or enjoying nature. I could spend all day hiking, foraging, or just relaxing in my hammock.

Chrystal Whittle
Customer Support Specialist

Chrystal worked in multiple areas of the insurance industry, including property claims adjusting and subrogation for municipalities and utilities and worker’s compensation claims adjuster before moving into policy sales and servicing.

Chrystal grew up in central Oklahoma. She is passionate about helping her customers get the right coverage in her job. As an adjuster, she would often see deficiencies in an insured’s policy when the time came to make a claim.

When away from work, Chrystal loves doing all types of sublimation projects. She’s also a huge Nascar fan! You can find her hanging out with her kids, cooking on the patio, and binge-watching new shows.

Christy Connell
Director of Client Satisfaction

I grew up in Central Florida and graduated from DeLand High School.

When it comes to my experience in the industry, I have been helping families and individuals for over 20 years. What I enjoy most about my job is problem-solving and helping clients make informed decisions about securing their futures. Being able to turn a stressful situation into a positive experience always makes my day!

Personally, I enjoy traveling and seeing new places but I am also content to curl up on the weekends with a good book. Aside from that, I really love watching college football. My weekends are usually spent with family.